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Buying or selling a home is an emotional and daunting process. You have to consider a lot of things including your family’s needs and budget. A professional inspection of the house or property can help you gain knowledge to make this very important decision. If you are looking for a reliable and experienced home inspection service in California, Villa Home Inspections is here to help you.

Since our inception, we have been serving our community with the best quality services. Our licensed and insured professionals go above and beyond to understand and meet your needs. We thoroughly inspect the home’s structure and find out any hidden issues that might affect the value of the home. We provide all the information you need to make a sound home buying or selling decision. From electrical wiring, plumbing to roofing, insulation and everything in between, we will reveal all the defects that may exist in the home.

What your Home Inspection Includes

Our home inspector at Villa Home Inspections will examine all the major components of your home.
This way we ensure that you can make a sound home buying or selling decision.
We are always ready to answer all your questions during the inspection.

Property and Site Inspections

Whether you are selling or buying a home, we will inspect it thoroughly to help you make the right decision. We will inspect the home and highlight all the areas of concern for potential buyers.

Structure and Foundation Inspections

Our home inspector in California will evaluate all the aspects of the home’s structure and foundation. It helps you determine the overall value and perform the minor to major improvements required.

Electrical System

At Villa Home Inspections, we will walk you through the entire inspection process. We carefully inspect the functionality of the electrical systems and provide you with a detailed report.

Plumbing System

When it comes to home inspection, we leave no stone unturned. We will carefully inspect the plumbing system to identify any flaws that may cause you trouble in the future.

Roof and Attic Inspections

For every home buyer, it is necessary to know the condition of the home. That’s why we inspect the home’s roof and attic spaces so that you can make an informed and confident decision.

HVAC Inspections

At Villa Home Inspections, our trained home inspector in California will check the condition of all of the HVAC units, including air conditioner, furnace, etc. and provide you with all the relevant information.

Prepare Your Home For An Inspection

It is essential to provide the home inspector with all the relevant information about your property prior to a home inspection. It includes:

  • Information about the past floods, fires and major repairs done.
  • Provide building permits and information about significant improvements.
  • Provide invoices and warranties for major renovations like roofs, furnaces, etc.

The Villa Home Inspections Difference

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We want you to be confident in your purchase, that is why we take our time to do things right.
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We have the knowledge and experience to conduct an inspection of any home of any size and age.
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We provide quality services at affordable prices. We go above and beyond to meet your expectations.

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